Cover Your Tracks

How to clear your internet history depends on which browser you're using. Please find information below for the 3 most common browsers:

Internet Explorer 9

  • Click the cog (or Tools menu in older versions) in the top-right area of the browser
  • Click "Internet Options" and you will be presented with the following window:
    Internet Explorer
  • Click Delete...
  • Select "Delete History" and click the Delete button
  • If you wish your history to be automatically cleared, please select the "Delete browsing history on exit" check box and confirm by clicking OK

Google Chrome

  • Click the spanner icon in the top-right hand corner and then select History (you can also press Ctrl-H on your keyboard)
  • Click the "Clear all browsing data..." button in the top-left
  • You will be presented with the following window:
  • Please ensure that "Clear browsing history" and "Clear download history" are selected and the "the beginning of time" is selected at the top.
  • Then click "Clear browsing data" to delete your history.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click Tools from the menu bar and then select "Clear Recent History..."
  • You will then be presented with the following window:
  • Please select "Browsind & Download History" and make sure that "Everything" is chosen at the top.
  • Click Clear Now to clear your history.